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Thank you for choosing Please read the policies for a smooth shopping experience!
1.    Returns
Products will be eligible for return in case the products have been received by the customer only in the following condition(s):
a.    Expired
b.    Damaged
c.    Defective

Customer should send a mail, or call our customer care service for the same within 24 hours

Return will be processed, only if:
a.    It is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession
b.    The product is not different from what was shipped to you
Returned product will be picked up on priority (within 7 working days.

2.    Delivery
a.    Wrong Product Delivery:
In case wrong product is delivered to you, kindly send a mail, or call our customer care service within 24 hours of receiving such product.

Either of the following shall be the remedies:
a.    Customer can place a new order to replace the wrong product. The incorrect product will be picked up (only if in good condition) on the scheduled delivery date of the new order.
b.    In case of complete return of incorrect product, it will be picked up & refund of:
•    Prepaid order: Will be processed in 15 working days
•    Cash on delivery: Reimbursed on the day of pick up

i)    Customer can place fresh order if he needs a new/correct product in exchange for delivered wrong product or he can request for refund
ii)    The customer will get the fresh product only when the wrong product is picked up. (which should be in a good condition) And in case of return / cancel, the wrong product will be picked up and the amount will be refunded.

b.    Partial Product Delivery:
In case rare instances when partial product(s) is delivered, kindly send a mail, or call our customer care service within 24 hours of receiving such product.

Within 15 working days’ time, the refund of the missing products will be:
i.    Credited to bank account if prepaid
ii.    Invoice will be generated as per product received if cash paid on delivery

Fresh order will have to be placed for the missing products.

c.    Missed Delivery:
In case the delivery executive is unable to complete the delivery due to customer’s unavailability at the scheduled date & time, the customer will be contacted by a Liki representative to schedule & confirm a re-attempt. The re-attempt delivery will be done only once.

d.    Payment on Delivery:
A Liki Executive will reach out to you for confirmation & process the order.

3.    Cancellation
Customer can choose to cancel their order only before the products are delivered to them. Once mark delivered, the order cannot be cancelled.

4.    Refund
In case of returns, delivery discrepancies or cancellations before delivery, the refund will be processed within 15 working days on receipt of the product returned.

In case of –
a.    Prepaid orders – will be refunded to bank account/Source of Payment
b.    For COD –Cash reimbursement at the time pickup of incorrect product returned.(With Acknowledgement)

5.    Payments
Cash on delivery option available only when order value is equal or below Rs.5,000

6.    Exchange
We do not process exchange of products ordered. Customer will have to reorder (place a fresh order)for the exchange to be processed.